The ABH&S Group is a pan London health and safety focused technical group supported by Alehm which assists Boroughs to make best use of resources toc arry out their statutory duty to enforce health and safety legislation.

It consists of 4 London quadrants, which are technical liaison groups that meet regularly to discuss emerging issues and aims to achieve better levels of compliance and consistency of approach. The groups consist of representatives from all the London local authorities and the HSE.

Above this group sits the All Borough Health and Safety Group which meets 2-3 times a year and is a means of maintaining competence and sharing good practice. It is led by the London H&S strategy group which consists of the quadrant leaders, group chairs and vice chair and members of Alehm. It works with members to identify pan London priorities and projects which helps steer the work across London.

Health and Safety projects are agreed each year to enable local H&S enforcement teams to more easily establish and run local enforcement plans which are more likely to better support businesses and result in improved levels of compliance.

Current health and safety projects are:

Carbon Monoxide from solid fuel appliances.

Band saws in butchers.

Workplace Transport.

Commercial landlord project.