Three half day sessions for three consecutive Tuesday mornings 9.30 to 12.30, on 10th to 24th May 2022 but allow and extra 30 minutes per session for questions and any over-run

11 hours CPD is available to delegates.

For officers looking to refresh their understanding of food hygiene inspections whether that be for upskilling or refreshing!

Our trainer, Claire Tomaso, who is working with Miranda Steward,  is highly experienced in all aspects of food enforcement and is currently the chair of the London approvals group.

The training will cover:

The Legal Framework

  • The role and examples of Industry Guides, Guidelines and Guidance Notes
  • The FSA Framework Agreement
  • Competency Framework
  • FSA Food Law Code of Practice and Practice Guidance
  • Other Agencies
  • Role of The Primary Authority
  • Introduction to Food Poisoning and relevant microbiology
  • Food Hygiene Interventions (with focus on Inspections)
  • Conduct and Management of Inspections

–      Skills, powers and preparation

–      Food Hygiene and Safety Procedures

–      Structure

–      Confidence in Management

–      Post Inspection

  • Introduction to

–      Allergens

–      Imported Foods

–      Approved Premises

  •  The future

In addition, delegates will have the option of answering a range of questions which they must submit BEFORE the start of the first session and subject to achieving 70% correct, delegates would be awarded an extra 2 hours CPD totalling 11 hours CPD altogether.

Total of 15 places allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


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