Alehm Activity 2018

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Agenda Alehm 11th December 2018

Alehm Members Meetings 2019

Alehm air quality day on 29th January 2019

Alehm Activity 2018

Funding bid to MHCLG

Alehm has submitted a bid the the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for funding to test an intelligence sharing system across Trading Standards and private sector housing enforcement teams, to share information on criminality across the housing rental sector. The project will be led by Royal Greenwich. Results of the bid application are expected early in January.

ALEHM makes representation to Government to promote and protect environmental health services in London and improve the health of Londoners.

This page outlines consultations Alehm has responded to in 2017

Alehm response to the Government consultation on a proposed Air Quality Plan, June 2017.