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Alehm meetings. All meetings will either be virtual on MS Teams, or they will be a hybrid virtual and face to face meeting, and attendees can attend virtually or in person. The meetings will be held at the City of London conference rooms at Walbrook Wharf. Walbrook Wharf info

Alehm Meetings 2023-24

No. Meeting Theme DATE Location/Option Speakers (TBC) Chair/ TBC
1 Housing

Topics: Damp and Mould; Policy; Regulation on ltd resources

Tuesday 24th January 2023 Hybrid CIH, GLA, Deputy Mayor – Housing, Housing Ombudsman, DLUHC Jon Averns
2 Air Quality Wednesday 22rd March 2023 Hybrid PSG, Defra, Pollution Leads?UKHSA Jon Averns
3 Food Safety Monday 15th May 2023 In person at CoL offices LFCG leads, FSA, NFCU, Port Health,  Primary Authorities Jon Averns
4 Noise and Community Safety (ASB, Licensing, Construction) Monday 3rd July 2023 Hybrid LSRN, LGA Zsar?? Hospitality Industry lead? Met? ASB officers/Leads from LA’s Jon Averns
5 Health and Safety Tuesday 19th September 2023 Hybrid HSE, ALBHSG, Building Safety , Healthy Minds campaign and focus Jon Averns
6 Management and AGM Tuesday 28th November 2023 Hybrid Recruitment; Apprenticeships; Universities; relevant Training for EH managers/Senior Managers, feedback on participants in LSRN Mgt training opportunity; SOLACE? Presentation of SMA, ACEHO update, CIEH Policy lead update, Membership profile. Brexit? REUL Bill; Licensing? Jon Averns
1 Housing Tuesday 23rd January 2024 Hybrid Annual review, Topical issues, Enforcement stats from CIEH??? Jon Averns
2 Pollution and Public Health Tuesday 2nd April 2024 Hybrid AQ, Drains, hoarding, pest control, Noise (IoL), Noise innovations, Sound insulation in properties  e.g BRE, LAU (OPSS) Jon Averns
3 Food Safety/Food Hygiene Tuesday 14th May 2024 Hybrid FSA, LA Case Study on case mgt. etc. Jon Averns
4 Licensing: Housing, Hospitality and Horses (Animal Licensing) Tuesday 17th September 2024 Hybrid LA Act 2003 – Barrister/IoL, Hospitality UK Jon Averns

ALEHM makes representation to Government to promote and protect environmental health services in London and improve the health of Londoners.

This page outlines consultations Alehm has responded to in 2017

Alehm response to the Government consultation on a proposed Air Quality Plan, June 2017.