Alehm publish their review of Covid 19 activity within London EH community.

Alehm held an event in the Autumn of 2021 to bring EH communities together to discuss their experiences of managing the Covid outbreak and their role within it. The summary of the findings of this meeting can be found in the report, link below.

Alehm will now be working through the actions and a further review meeting will be held later in 2022.

Covid Lessons Learned documemt Jan 2022

Alehm Meetings 2022

Monday 24th January 2022 Food themed meeting (Virtual) 1.30 to 4.30

Wednesday 27th April 2022 Pollution themed meeting (virtual) 12.00pm to 2.00pm

Noise and Pollution themed Alehm meeting 23rd May 2022 (Virtual)

Housing themed Alehm meeting 7th July 2022 (Hybrid)

Health and Safety 20th September 2022 (Hybrid)

EH wider management meeting 16th November 2022 (Hybrid)

Greater London Authority Risk Assessment Webinar from

Recording of GLA webinar