Low cost training courses for local authorities

Alehm is developing a range of low cost training courses for local authorities. If you have a specific training need in your authority that we can assist with, please let us know so we can source trainers and assess wider demand. Register details with admin@alehm.org.uk

For information about current courses please go to our training page: https://alehm.org.uk/courses/

The dates of future Alehm managers’ meetings organised in 2019 are:


19th November: AGM, Environmental Health Management Update and workshop on recruitment issues and the training of future EHPs

Agenda morning 19 November Alehm Management themed meeting

Agenda ALEHM AGM afternoon training workshop 19th November

Agenda AGM 19th November 2019

Alehm member meetings in 2020.

Dates for your diary

2020 Alehm meetings. All will be held in the first floor conference room at the City of London offices, Walbrook Wharf, commencing 9.30 am.

Friday 24th January 2020 Public health theme

Wednesday 18th March 2020: Food theme

Friday 15th May 2020: Housing

Thursday 2nd July 2020: Air Quality

Tuesday 22nd September 2020: Health and Safety

Wednesday 21st October 2020: TBC

Thursday 26th November 2020: AGM & Environmental Health Management