Low cost training courses for local authorities

Alehm is developing a range of low cost training courses for local authorities. If you have a specific training need in your authority that we can assist with, please let us know so we can source trainers and assess wider demand. Register details with admin@alehm.org.uk

Future Training Courses and meetings in 2019. 

29th April2019: Challenge Testing in food production. The course will be run by Public Health England, and held at Greenwich Council Offices in Woolwich. Cost £17.00 to cover refreshment and room costs. Book your places by emailing Kath lewis at admin@alehm.org.uk. See attached for the draft programme

8th April 2019: Gas Safety in Catering Businesses, training for enforcement officers: This 1 day course will be run by Miranda Steward at the City of London offices at Walbrook Wharf, and costs £85.00.  Please see the Alehm training page for further information and to book a place. https://alehm.org.uk/courses/

16th May 2019: Housing Legal Update Training day: A rerun of the course led by Julie Barratt on 7th February, providing a day’s update training on the basic legal procedures to be followed by housing enforcement officers. https://alehm.org.uk/courses/

3rd June 2019: 1 days training on Disclosure: A 1 day course covering the skills and knowledge required by enforcers preparing cases for prosecution. https://alehm.org.uk/courses/

20th June 2019: 1 days legal training on interview skills: A 1 day course to provide enforcers with the skills required to undertake PACE interviews. https://alehm.org.uk/courses/


Alehm meetings 2019 at the City of London offices at Walbrook Wharf

The dates organised for meetings in 2019 are

29th January: Air Quality Seminar

20th March:  Environmental Health Strategic Management Update See programme and details Agenda Alehm 20th March

14th May: Housing Update

3rd July: Food Update for Managers

24th September: Health and Safety Update for Managers

19th November: EH management Update